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Welcome to Mike's Garage - Home of SPD Tuning Service. High quality performance hardware for the Subaru Impreza WRX. Please read this page! Page Down for important information.

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 WRX Technical Information!

 Early Impreza Technical Information!

Before contacting us please read the Technical Information sections related to your car. These sections have many details about the performance aspects your car. It contains answers to many questions. The information is based on months of correspondence with Impreza owners and technical resources. Read the company profile below to understand how we work for you. There is also  News Section for recent information.

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Our Mission

SPD Tuning Service provides comprehensive technical information about Subaru WRX and performance tuning. "The information is free,  parts and labor are extra."  We present the only best possible equipment for your Subaru WRX, carefully selected to meet your needs. We source only quality engineered parts from leading aftermarket and OEM suppliers, assuring you proper fit and lasting performance. We have no quarrel with competitors who charge less for their merchandise, after all, they know best what it is worth.

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Company Profile

SPD Tuning Service was founded in 1997 because there simply was no information or tuning parts for Subaru in the United States. Convincingly winning the world rally championship for the first time in 1995 after only two years development of the Impreza WRX model was a testament to how well the basic car was engineered. Rally cars of the late 1980's and 1990's were permitted very few actual modifications to the chassis and it had to be right to win. With the cooperation of Subaru we were able to import and sell many WRX parts to Impreza RS owners. This program was so successful that after nearly a decade of reluctance to market their world famous performance cars in North America, Subaru Japan was finally convinced to import the WRX. 

Located in Redondo Beach, California, south of LAX, SPD is a classic European style tuning service. Due to the small size of the Subaru performance market some parts will be more expensive than the same part for a Honda or Mitsubishi. There are 300 Hondas for every Subaru. That alone tells the story. The really good Subaru stuff is not cheap in the first place. As I keep telling my friends, think Porsche, not Ford!  Three reasons, first, the performance parts you are receiving are subject to very small production runs. Second, SPD Tuning Service only provides the best-engineered and manufactured parts. I have been "hot-rodding" since the sixties - Got tired of trying to make junk work. Third, because of the small market, inventories are kept purposely small. If planning a purchase it always pays to call a few weeks ahead..

Surprisingly, the market has grown to the point where many companies are now offering Subaru performance parts. For this reason we have now reduced the range of parts we offer. We want to stay small, and offer solutions to make your car a better driver's tool. We make a very clear distinction between tuning for a better driving car and modifying for racing or ultra-high performance with all their implications for reliability and maintenance.

We are dedicated to developing realistic tuning programs that both fit you budget and produce the desired results. Your tuning program and your technical understanding come first. You choose the level of equipment for YOUR tuning program. We are here to assist you in that process. Let us help you make the your Impreza a better driver's tool!

Mike, the owner, has 30 plus years of automotive experience. Note that SPD Tuning Service is not a repair station, but can assist with your purchase decision from learning what is what, to getting the parts installed. We are actively searching for Installer shops through out the country, recommendations are welcome.

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Contact Information

Due to the volume of inquires, we ask that 1) you read the entire site first, especially any technical information, first. and 2) that you contact us using e-mail if at all possible. We are still small enough to answer all the e-mail. The telephone is connected to a computer. Depending on what Mike is up to, it may ring to his current location or ask for a message. Please leave a message! You will be contacted ASAP. Just remember, e-mail avoids the phone tag issue.

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